What Conditions Can a Physiotherapist Help Me With?


Physiotherapy is a multi-dimensional practice and capable of treating a wide range of conditions and injuries. Its main focus is the rehabilitation and restoration of the musculo-skeleta muscles. However, aside from that, it’s also capable of treating different conditions, such as arthritis, injuries, and respiratory problems.

That said, here are some of the conditions that acc physiotherapist North Shore can treat.


Our physiotherapists have the skills and experience to treat our injured patients who were diagnosed with arthritis. Wherein, conditions commonly include osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, ankylosing, fibromyalgia psoriatic arthritis, and spondylitis. To ensure that the patient would get the kind of therapy he needs, we also provide a thorough assessment that includes the necessary treatment to lessen the pain, improve mobility, strength, and maximum function.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Physiotherapist North Shore is best known for treating those who have been part of vehicular accidents. We offer treatment to those who were involved in vehicular accidents, ranging from mild to severe injuries. Physio North Shore‘s main goal is to assist those who have been involved in accidents, to be able to return to their pre-accident activities, ranging from recreational activities, work, and home.

Being in the business for several years, we are familiar with the overwhelming amount of paperwork that must be submitted to the insurance company. That’s why we make sure to provide the best assistance that would help our clients have the idea of what we are capable of helping them with.

Sports Injuries

These usually happen to those who are very active with sports or those who aren’t used to exercising on a regular basis. Based on surveys, it has been discovered that every year, more and more people are in search of assistance coming from physiotherapist to treat their problem. Despite the fact that injury can happen anywhere in the body, sports injuries often happen in the musculo-skeletal system.

Most of these accidents and injuries might be the cause of weakness in the muscles, accidents, poor posture, structural abnormalities, and many more.

Neurological Physiotherapy

Acc physio North Shore also provides physiotherapy evaluation and treatment for those who have been injured or affected by a disease in their nervous system. Usually diagnosis treatment includes, but not limited to multiple sclerosis, brain injury, stroke, spinal cord injury, and may more.

Surgical Physiotherapy

Those who has a surgery for their musculoskeletal state or got injured are often cited to us for physiotherapy treatment. Conditions often treated by our skilled physiotherapists includes total knee surgery, arthroscopies, achilles tendon fixes, and many more.

Final Words

In most cases, injuries can be the result of a wide range of underlying factors. It can be due to constant back pain brought by repetitive work related activities; being overweight, bad posture, or using the wrong technique when playing sports.

The physiotherapists of Femme Physiotherapy specialize in this. We treat various conditions and has been one of the best physiotherapists in New Zealand. We are proud to say that we have been serving people for several years, giving you the assurance that you’ll get the kind of help you need. To know more about what we offer, please visit www.femmephysio.co.nz.


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