Tips for Better Women’s Health


If you have sustained a severe injury or you are experiencing unexplained body pain such as neck strains, knee pain and/or back pain, you certainly need a physiotherapist to help you get back to your highest possible range of movement. However, not all small aches and pains need a physiotherapist appointment. Learn to recognise the signs with the following advice for when and why you will need a physiotherapist appointment.

When you are injured playing sports

If you are an avid sports fan or sportsperson then you understand the importance of proper body care, especially after an injury. You will need help and advice from a physiotherapist for a better chance of full recovery and getting back to an even better state than you were in before sustaining the injury.

You live with chronic pain

Any body pain that lasts longer than six months is defined as chronic pain. It often affects your ability to perform your daily tasks. In this case, you should see a physiotherapist who will help identify the problem and come up with the best treatment plan.

During and after pregnancy

Your body needs a lot of attention during and after surgery due to the rapidly changing hormone levels that soften the ligaments that support the back, making them stretch. The muscles of the stomach and the pelvic floor also stretch during pregnancy and if the joints are not well supported, it can injure your back and the pelvis.

A pelvic floor physio in Auckland teaches you the right exercises and techniques that will support and protect your body as well as help it to recover fast after delivery.

During and after surgery

Some types of surgery have a high risk of complications post-operation. A physiotherapist explains to you the right exercises to perform to avoid major complications. For example, patients who undergo chest and cardiac surgeries are taught how to cough properly while supporting the wound.

Depending on the surgery, a physiotherapist will teach you the appropriate exercises to perform after the surgery to prevent muscle immobility, chest complications, wasting of the joints, thrombosis or blood clots and pressure sores.

You have a diagnosed neurological disease

These are conditions that affect the patients movements severely like Parkinson ’s disease, cerebral palsy, stroke, spinal cord injuries, Substantia Nigra and stroke. Although physiotherapy will not permanently cure the disease, it improves one’s quality of life to help the patient to live as independently as possible.

When you want to start exercising or take up a new sport

If you want to start a new sport and you have an historically recurring injury, a physiotherapist will guide you even though you are not experiencing any pain. With your history in mind they advise you on how best to start as well as how to avoid injury.

The benefits of physiotherapy are tremendous, yet receiving the right treatment from a physiotherapist who will fully understand your needs is not easy. At Femme Physiotherapy, we are at the forefront in tailored patient care in North shore, with years of experience in treating injury and pain.

We offer our patients the best therapy using the latest technology thus providing the most effective treatment. Book an appointment today with us, the best women’s physiotherapist in North Shore. Our physiotherapist will help you understand the problem and get started with the treatment so that you can get back to your normal life quickly and without worry.


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