How Can Femme Physiotherapy Help You?


Being a woman comes with its challenges – especially after childbirth – and these challenges may also increase when old age sets in. Bodily changes is one of the factors which can make women feel insecure as the years go by. At Femme Physiotherapy, we understand what women go through during the various stages of life, and we strive to help them get back on the right track body-wise.

Femme Physiotherapy is located in Auckland and we specialise in physiotherapy for women’s health concerns. Our main goal is to ensure that our clients are empowered and they are living their lives with confidence. Here are some of the areas of physiotherapy which we specialise in:

Pelvic Disorders

One of the main services which we offer is relief for various pelvic conditions. We not only treat pelvic pain but we also treat pelvic floor dysfunction. Our treatment is a great option for pain relief as well as helping prevent future pelvic problems from developing.

This service also includes strengthening the pelvic walls and muscles so as to deal with problems related to bladder urgency and frequency.

Pre and Post Pregnancy Physio Therapy

Some of the clients we help usually come in search of prenatal care and physiotherapy and they come back once they have delivered their babies. Our pre-pregnancy physiotherapy not only helps you stay in shape during your pregnancy but also ensures that you regain your normal body shape and pre baby weight easily once you give birth.

Whether you have given birth the natural way or through caesarian, we will help you get back to good health through our rehabilitation services. The therapy is also designed to educate you on how to recuperate faster after an operative gynaecological surgery.

Other Services

Apart from gynaecological therapy and treating pelvic problems, we also specialise in conditions such as muscular strains and sprains. We also offer relief in cases of neck and back pains. Our specialists are also trained and experienced in handling orthopaedic trauma as well as fractures. We also have experience with patients who have had mastectomy and joint replacement surgery.

Our Treatment and Rehabilitation Techniques

Our physiotherapy regime includes informing and educating our clients on the conditions which they are suffering from. As well as regular treatment sessions we also give them self-management tips and lifestyle advice which they can apply in their daily lives.

Our treatment sessions are physical and through manual stretching and exercises our patients are able to regain their health more effectively. Our exercises are also designed to help our clients develop a stronger core and tone their bodies.

If you need physiotherapy in Auckland just visit Femme Physio. Not only will you recover faster but you will also experience our great client care. For more about our services, visit us at


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